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Work Health & Safety, Risk Consulting Services, Safety Teams, Inspections and Audits

In addition to our extensive training services MD-SAFETY also provides management consulting and practical services to help organisations ensure compliance to Work Health & Safety Legislation and internal auditing requirements.

Practical services include the provision of safety monitoring services for specific work projects such as Construction, Confined Space Entry and Working at Height activities. MD-SAFETY can supply trained work teams to oversee and where necessary,  provide back-up and rescue services for these high-risk activities.

The WH&S audit process provides systematic criteria to determine safety priorities and allocate resources in a way that best suits an organisation's needs.

Audit criteria are based on the belief that health and safety management should be included in the way that every organisation conducts its day to day activities and therefore, should be fully integrated into all management functions, including Human Resources, Finance and Environmental Management.

Audit Criteria:

Specific Australian State Work Health & Safety Legislation (e.g. NSW WHS Act 2011 & Regulations 2017)

Australian Standards

AS/NZS 4801-4804:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management
ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems

Risk Management Programs

"Organisations that manage risk effectively and efficiently are more likely to achieve their objectives and do so at a lower overall cost." – So states AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 - Risk Management. This is especially true of organisations that have a systematic approach to hazard management.

Workplace Safety Programs

Identification and assessment of the WHS hazards, risks and required controls to protect people and property at work. This includes the provision of easy to understand WHS Manuals, and System Program & Procedures.

Incident Investigation Programs

Investigation, analysis and secure reporting of safety incidents using established investigation techniques

Hazardous Substances/Dangerous Goods Programs

Assessment and licensing, inspections and risk assessments to comply with State Regulations, Australian Standards, and Industry Best Practice. This includes Asbestos Assessing and Training Services.

Rural Safety Programs


 MD-SAFETY is experienced in the unique safety needs of the rural workplace. Farm Safety Procedures are presented in a logical and concise combination of written and graphical Safe Work Charts (SWC'S) - pictured above.